I’m on a Journey….

“I am on a journey… with my wandering mind, my stories, my work, my discoveries, my dreams, my relationships, and all that life encompasses. I carry baggage, including some wonderful blessings as well as the sad stories that shaped me. I’m not yet sure where I’m going, but I am sure I’ll be in the right place at the right time, and that all the wrong turns were right turns really, leading to valuable lessons I’m here to learn. I travel in search of peace within, amidst the chaos and confusion of my environment, to deliver kindness and compassion wherever there is opportunity. I’m a sightseer of beauty in the darkest corners, and a believer in love. Moments of joy and friendship are the souvenirs I treasure most, and the tales of wonder fill my journal. I am an explorer of my soul, a chronicler of emotions, rewarded with gratitude, and the happiness one finds on such a road.. blessings and love.” (Unknown)