How to Love Yourself

It is possible to love yourself. Even with years of people constantly trying to bring you down, you can learn how to put aside those people and move on with your life. In many cases, people are not trying to bring you down on purpose. They think they are helping you by telling you what they really think about what you do and who you are.

The first step in finding that inner self-love is to stop worrying about what others think. You can’t change that. It is not within your control. So why worry about it? If there are people that don’t like you, that is not your problem. It is theirs. They won’t get to know you which is their loss, as well.


The second step is to actually say to yourself, “I love who I am.” Do it every day and even say it out loud. It becomes an affirmation that makes you start to believe it after doing it for a while. You may initially come up with some resistance and that’s natural. Stay the course and keep doing it.


Next is to force yourself to be happy even when you’re not. Studies have shown that you can shift your mood by simply shifting your inner voice to tell yourself that you are happy. Being happy as often as possible is crucial when loving yourself. If you think this is a challenge, then here’s a tip. Remember a time when you were happy, really happy. Really get into the memory, what you saw, felt, heard, all the details. Really feel it as you remember and before you know it, you’ll feel a smile coming up as you reconnect with that happy feeling.

Focus on the benefits of increased self-esteem that come from loving yourself. You will naturally become a better person not only to yourself but to others that you know. You will also make friends easier. The biggest benefit is the surge in confidence that you will experience. If you focus on this benefit alone, you don’t even need the others.

love-yourself-5Another great way to start loving yourself is to help others. Whether you choose to volunteer or you simply reach out to people in need, this is quite fulfilling and will lift your self-esteem that much further. When you are feeling down about yourself, helping others can bring you out of a funk. It may also show you that others have problems greater than your own. Helping them may bring them closer to the solutions that they are looking for as well.

You have the power to love yourself, it is within you. When you look at it that way, you take away the ability of others to bring you down. That’s when loving yourself enough really matters. You no longer give them the power because it belongs to you, yes you. Just keep using the tips from this article to practice and reinforce your ability to love yourself. You have it in you and you’re worth it.



Six Simple Tips to Improve Your Focus

For some of us, focusing on a task plagues us every day and with everything we do. For others, focusing may only be a problem at times in our lives when we’re facing challenges – either at work or home.

Most of the experts agree that there have never been as many distractions in history as there are today. Technology makes it possible for us to receive volumes of information at the same time. We could be working on our computers, watching television and talking on our iPhones at the same time. It’s information overload.

If you’re suffering from a bad habit of being unfocused, all you may need are a few tweaks to your lifestyle. To regain focus, try the following little things that could mean a lot to your focusing ability:

  1. Trade Caffeine for Exercise – While caffeine may become addictive and you may have to have it to remain alert, a good cardio workout can keep you going and help you focus. Exercise releases endorphins, a natural stimulant that can help to sharpen your focus.
  2. Keep Lists – If you’re finding it difficult to think of things you want to address in a meeting or discuss with your family, keep a notepad of written ‘hints’ that you can refer to periodically. It could be as simple as a key word reminder or a complete idea that you’ve thought of.
  3. Prioritize – If you find yourself procrastinating about certain tasks, prioritize them. Schedule a certain amount of time to complete part or all of a task and don’t take a break until you’re finished.focus4
  4. Get Plenty of Sleep – Nothing can zap your focus worse than sitting in the middle of a New York street during rush hour. Drinking too much alcohol or a stressful activity before bed can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep and play havoc with your focus abilities the next day.
  5. Drink Water – Water is cleansing and life-giving. It can also decrease your focus if you become even slightly dehydrated. The brain can detect any change that occurs in your physiological make up and begins to operate at a lower level until you correct the situation.
  6. Take Breaks – When you begin to lose focus on a task, it may be time to take a break, stretch, take a walk or do whatever it takes to refresh yourself. You’ll be more attentive when you return to the task and finish it in a much shorter time than if you didn’t take that break.

Both internal noises such as daydreaming or external influences such as noises or interruptions can interrupt your focus and make it a constant challenge to concentrate. You can empower yourself by doing what you must to help yourself focus and complete tasks on time.

Be sure to reward yourself when you accomplish a task that you usually have trouble focusing on. Bringing joy into your life can help relax your mind and make it possible to focus on the next task at hand.

Moments of Time

 Inspiring Greatness: Newsletter #2


Monday of this past week was “Family Day” here in Ontario, Canada. It’s a day set aside to spend with family. Shops and stores were closed as in all major holidays. I was surprised at how much less  traffic there was on the roads when I was out.


Last minute, my Mum, daughter and I decided to go out together to see the movie, “The Vow.” I really enjoyed the movie and found myself in a state of reflection. In the movie it comes up frequently that we all experience “moments of time” in our lives that impact us deeply and even change who we are or were. We often may not recognize this until we reflect back.


I involuntarily went into a process of reflection yesterday. I was surprised what “moments of time” came up from my memory banks. I paused to consider how I and my life had been impacted. It’s all about looking for the gifts and the blessings that we experienced as a result and letting go of the negative.


I invite you to recall “moments of time” in your life that impacted you deeply. Are you able to see them through different eyes now? How were you changed by that “moment of time“? Perhaps it’s time to let it go now.


Was there possible a blessing there in disguise…? Please feel free to leave a comment under the post, on its page or email me with your thoughts.

Wisdom From 40 Films


Facebook is pretty amazing. It provides us with wonderful opportunitites to connect with others, develop friendships and relationships, share information, learn new things, offer services and be inspired.


This link came up on my News Feed today. I love inspiring videos like this. Someone put a lot of effort into creating this video clip. ENJOY….!


I invite you to leave a quote or thought that inspired you from a movie you watched.


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