The Game of Life


¸.•*★  Are you ready for an amazing journey of discovery… Discovering who you are and why you’re here?..?


¸.•*★  If you’re looking to make quantum leaps in empowering yourself, busting loose from the victim game once and for all, and radically shifting your life, then this just may be the book for you! “Loving the Game of Life” is one for all ages, as well as one for all sages.


¸.•*★  Beverly Nadler has written a clear, well-written, thought provoking and easy to comprehend book that unlocks the key to “the game of life.”  Her writings are the practical interpretations of so many philosophers, teachers, poets, scholars of the Ages that have a powerful message.


¸.•*★  A few remarkable benefits of reading “Loving the Game of Life

  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Eliminate fear, worry and doubt
  • Improve your relationships
  • Live your life with a sense of TRUE JOY!





Beverly has the gift of correlating and integrating the metaphysical, physical and spiritual so they are understandable, coherent and applicable.

Wisdom From 40 Films


Facebook is pretty amazing. It provides us with wonderful opportunitites to connect with others, develop friendships and relationships, share information, learn new things, offer services and be inspired.


This link came up on my News Feed today. I love inspiring videos like this. Someone put a lot of effort into creating this video clip. ENJOY….!


I invite you to leave a quote or thought that inspired you from a movie you watched.


Personal Development Reports

Steven Aitchison, has written 84 top quality reports on topics that will impact your life in every possible way.

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84 Personal Development Reports

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Steven’s work is known and respected to be high quality, and some of his tips and techniques really are life changing.

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Living Beyond Limits

¸.•*★  Amy Purdy talks about the power of imagination. She explains how our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but by the choices we make. Imagination allows us to break down borders, to move beyond our circumstances, to create and constantly progress.

¸.•*★  I was so touched by Amy’s message that I had to share it here on, “Inspiring Greatness” because that is what this young woman does in her talk. She is such an inspiration. Enjoy.

¸.•*★ Feel free to leave a comment on the video or an inspirational story you have to share…

Go Big Now

How many dreams have you given up on and ignored because they were ‘Just Dreams’?

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Finding Your Purpose

Introducing Find Your Purpose Now
By Nicolas Baron
¸.•*✿ ¸.•*✿ ¸.•*✿ ¸.•*✿ ¸.•*✿ ¸.•*✿ ¸.•*✿ ¸.•*✿ ¸.•*✿ ¸.•*✿ ¸.•*✿

Is your life going exactly the way that you planned in every single capacity?

Were you fortunate enough to identify your purpose in life at an early age and as result been able to create a life of abundance in all aspects?

Do you truly feel fulfilled and at peace with the direction that your life is currently going because you know in your heart that your true purpose is being followed every day?

If so, I congratulate you. For you are one of the few people who figured out early in the game what your contribution to the world was supposed to be and are reaping all of the tangible and intangible rewards that come with it.

I wish you the very best!

If however, you find it hard to relate to any of the above statements and are instead finding yourself in a constant state on internal conflict because you either have no idea why you were put on this planet or at least know that you weren’t put here to do what you are currently doing now, then this may be for you!

Finding Your Purpose




Learn how to attain your goals and your life purpose with the power of envisioning what you want. Dare to want it all, discover how to make it happen with just the power of your thoughts!