Wisdom From 40 Films


Facebook is pretty amazing. It provides us with wonderful opportunitites to connect with others, develop friendships and relationships, share information, learn new things, offer services and be inspired.


This link came up on my News Feed today. I love inspiring videos like this. Someone put a lot of effort into creating this video clip. ENJOY….!


I invite you to leave a quote or thought that inspired you from a movie you watched.


Living Beyond Limits

¸.•*★  Amy Purdy talks about the power of imagination. She explains how our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but by the choices we make. Imagination allows us to break down borders, to move beyond our circumstances, to create and constantly progress.

¸.•*★  I was so touched by Amy’s message that I had to share it here on, “Inspiring Greatness” because that is what this young woman does in her talk. She is such an inspiration. Enjoy.

¸.•*★ Feel free to leave a comment on the video or an inspirational story you have to share…

The Power of Mentorship Movie

Simplicity always works best….. Finally, something that takes only a few seconds of work and requires NO technical skills other than simply relaxing and watching a movie.

The Power of Mentorship Movie picks up where The Secret left off and features many of the top Mentors in the world of self-help, finance and internet marketing!

This DVD comes with special workbook and proven eight step formula, plus behind the scenes conversations with Dr John DeMartini, Paul Martinelli, Vic Johnson and Gerry Robert.

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If you apply what you learn in the Power of Mentorship movie you can be experiencing amazing changes in your mind, accelerated attraction of your desires and dramatic improvements in your life that only the most seasoned pros in the world of “Attraction” and top achievers knew about until now.

Born for Greatness

•✿• Each one of us has been born to contribute something special to this world. As children, the world was full of opportunities and possibilities. So little seemed impossible. Growing up, we faced challenges, obstacles and criticism. By the time we were 5, we forgot that we had failed many, many times learning to walk, to talk, to eat, to get dressed and so much more. We succeeded because we never gave up. •✿•

•✿• Remember: You are here to contribute to this world… you have a great purpose. Discovering it is something you must do for yourself following your heart and your passion. Since you are reading this message at this time, I trust it’s synchronicity at it’s finest. Maybe it’s time to refocus and trust that it’s your time and your turn to manifest your dreams and your purpose, and KNOW that you CAN do it! •✿•

Power of Words

~•♥•~ A friend of mine sent this to me in an email.
~•♥•~ I was really touched by it so I thought I would share it.
~•♥•~ Please feel to free your thoughts, comments.

Honouring and Respecting Our Elders

When I think of inspiring greatness in others I am often inspired by something I see on Facebook or other websites or while I’m researching. A friend of mine posted this on her Facebook a little while ago.

It is so true that in our North American society we have forgotten to truly respect and honour the elderly and their wisdom. My mother is someone I respect and have deep gratitude for. She has weathered the storms of life and come through. It is sad that she does not see or value her wisdom since it did not come from a university degree. I often wish I had the kind of wisdom she has… Maybe some day.

This is dedicated to the many wise women who have touched my life, some no longer on this earth plane. They are/were loved, appreciated and honoured.