Finding Your Purpose

Introducing Find Your Purpose Now
By Nicolas Baron
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Is your life going exactly the way that you planned in every single capacity?

Were you fortunate enough to identify your purpose in life at an early age and as result been able to create a life of abundance in all aspects?

Do you truly feel fulfilled and at peace with the direction that your life is currently going because you know in your heart that your true purpose is being followed every day?

If so, I congratulate you. For you are one of the few people who figured out early in the game what your contribution to the world was supposed to be and are reaping all of the tangible and intangible rewards that come with it.

I wish you the very best!

If however, you find it hard to relate to any of the above statements and are instead finding yourself in a constant state on internal conflict because you either have no idea why you were put on this planet or at least know that you weren’t put here to do what you are currently doing now, then this may be for you!

Finding Your Purpose




Learn how to attain your goals and your life purpose with the power of envisioning what you want. Dare to want it all, discover how to make it happen with just the power of your thoughts!


Six Human Needs

I found this really interesting and helpful when I stumbled upon it today. I trust you will also find it helpful.
Tony Robbins => Six Human Needs


✿ 1. Certainty/Comfort. We all want comfort. And much of this comfort comes from certainty. Of course there is no ABSOLUTE certainty, but we want certainty the car will start, the water will flow from the tap when we turn it on and the currency we use will hold its value.
✿ 2. Variety. At the same time we want certainty, we also crave variety. Paradoxically, there needs to be enough UNcertainty to provide spice and adventure in our lives.
✿ 3. Significance. Deep down, we all want to be important. We want our life to have meaning and significance. I can imagine no worse a death than to think my life didn’t matter.
✿ 4. Connection/Love. It would be hard to argue against the need for love. We want to feel part of a community. We want to be cared for and cared about.
✿ 5. Growth. There could be some people who say they don’t want to grow, but I think they’re simply fearful of doing so—or perhaps NOT doing so. To become better, to improve our skills, to stretch and excel may be more evident in some than others, but it’s there.
✿ 6. Contribution. The desire to contribute something of value—to help others, to make the world a better place than we found it is in all of us.

More information about his books and seminars is available on his website :

Honouring and Respecting Our Elders

When I think of inspiring greatness in others I am often inspired by something I see on Facebook or other websites or while I’m researching. A friend of mine posted this on her Facebook a little while ago.

It is so true that in our North American society we have forgotten to truly respect and honour the elderly and their wisdom. My mother is someone I respect and have deep gratitude for. She has weathered the storms of life and come through. It is sad that she does not see or value her wisdom since it did not come from a university degree. I often wish I had the kind of wisdom she has… Maybe some day.

This is dedicated to the many wise women who have touched my life, some no longer on this earth plane. They are/were loved, appreciated and honoured.

Give Love

This is really a great video. The message is one we all need to hear over and over until we’re living it!

It’s  got a great catchy, beat! Share love!!!

This Is Who I Am

There are so many ways that we can be inspired to step into our greatness and magnificence. At different times in our lives, different things or people are that much needed and appreciated inspiration. A song that inspired me many years ago is Celine Dion’s, “Immortality.” The lyrics can be interpreted for many of life’s circumstances and for having the courage to ‘be’ who we are meant to be. May this song inspire you to a greater sense of who you are and what you may be here to do.

So this is who I am,
And this is all I know,
And I must choose to live,
For all that I can give,
The spark that makes the power grow
And I will stand for my dream if I can,
Symbol of my faith in who I am,
But you are my only,
And I must follow on the road that lies ahead,
And I won’t let my heart control my head,
But you are my only
We don’t say goodbye,
We don’t say goodbye,
And I know what I’ve got to be

I Hope You Dance

There are songs that really inspire me and this one was in my Facebook News feed today from a friend. I love it and there are different versions of it. I hope you enjoy it…even if you’ve heard it before!

Life is here to be lived, cherished and experienced to it’s fullness, each and every day.

I hope you d a n c e . . . !

Make it a GREAT day!!