Time Flies ~ Priorities


I can’t believe how much time has gone by since I last posted. The last few months have been incredibly busy for me.  I teach half a day and go to physiotherapy most days in the afternoon. On top of that there are regular every day life commitments, routines and activities. I seem to have it in my head that I don’t have the time to stop and write. I just realized that isn’t really the truth.


It’s all about priorities most of the time. At different times in our lives which include years, months, weeks, days and hours… there are different priorities at the time. We learn to navigate through these times sometimes easily, sometimes not so easily; sometimes effectively and efficiently and sometimes not. There are so many factors that we take into account when we decide how and what we will spend our time and energy. And yes, there are times that perhaps the choices we make are less than ideal. In the end, when all is said and done….they all bring us to the current moment.


I have chosen to write this post in this current moment and continue on with my day once I’m done. To inspire greatness in others, we must also inspire greatness in ourselves. I am learning how very important that is at all levels. My intention is to write at least one post a week. This will be a little easier now that I am off for the summer looking forward to much needed rest and time for decluttering my living space.


To make room for the new, it’s time to part with and let go of the old. Someone I met a few weeks ago told me when she looks at something she asks herself, “Is this old energy?” If it is, it gets given away, passed only, sold or thrown away.  Just this simple thought, suggestion made it so much easier for me to “let go” of that which no longer serves me. At least in theory it does. We’ll see what happens when I start going through my things.


Blessings and smiles to you…. as time flies by.