Moments of Time

 Inspiring Greatness: Newsletter #2


Monday of this past week was “Family Day” here in Ontario, Canada. It’s a day set aside to spend with family. Shops and stores were closed as in all major holidays. I was surprised at how much less  traffic there was on the roads when I was out.


Last minute, my Mum, daughter and I decided to go out together to see the movie, “The Vow.” I really enjoyed the movie and found myself in a state of reflection. In the movie it comes up frequently that we all experience “moments of time” in our lives that impact us deeply and even change who we are or were. We often may not recognize this until we reflect back.


I involuntarily went into a process of reflection yesterday. I was surprised what “moments of time” came up from my memory banks. I paused to consider how I and my life had been impacted. It’s all about looking for the gifts and the blessings that we experienced as a result and letting go of the negative.


I invite you to recall “moments of time” in your life that impacted you deeply. Are you able to see them through different eyes now? How were you changed by that “moment of time“? Perhaps it’s time to let it go now.


Was there possible a blessing there in disguise…? Please feel free to leave a comment under the post, on its page or email me with your thoughts.