When you think of things that directly influence you in regards to ability in anything, what crosses your mind? You will probably be one of many to guess health related topics or how well you organize yourself. One extremely intrusive phenomenon you are very likely to ignore is your choice of words. I would be willing to wager that you, like many, have never considered how words truly impact your outlook on things as well as your ability to accomplish goals.

You do not need to be a psychiatrist or even a psychology major to see and realize the effects your subconscious has on your daily life. Do you remember a story during your childhood called, “The Little Engine That Could”? If not, here is the story in a nutshell; an engine was presented with numerous challenges and difficulties, yet he had a mission he deeply wanted to accomplish. The “Little Engine” believed whole-heartedly in his abilities, repeating a mantra consisting of: “I think I can”. The Little Engine succeeded in his mission by remaining constant in nurturing his inner belief system. Let us add an alteration to the story; we will call it “the Little Engine who couldn’t”. Imagine the Little Engine seeing a challenge ahead and saying to himself “there is no way I could even think about that!” He would either probably give in immediately or eventually fail down the road after seeing nothing but impossible obstacles. An easy to realize outcome, wouldn’t you agree?

Facing challenges in life is inevitable. This realization is true in your family life, with friends and very much so in your business and continuing education. Your challenge could be as simple as loosing those five extra pounds as your physician recommended. Maybe your challenge is calling a hot lead or prospect. Cold calls are tough and if you let anxiety dictate the outcome of your conversation, or prevent you from making the call, you have lost a potential client or business partner. You allow your thoughts to erase any potential successes you could be enjoying. Did you know that you can choose the “Little Engine” you are? How do you talk to or embrace yourself? Do you affirm and expect to overcome an obstacle standing in your way? Are you excited as you fully know you will have a positive and desirable outcome? Reminding yourself you can do something, instead of sabotaging yourself through self-criticism, is as, if not more significant in life than any other environmental or self inflicted influence.

In ending, I have a thought for you to ponder, have you ever seen a child who was told they cannot do something? What does that child usually do? They try to prove you wrong most of the time. They initiate the effort and quite often are able to say, “I told you so”. They show motivation and determination in word and action. How you speak to yourself could be said to be so simple. Literally catch yourself every time you find yourself bringing down yourself or an outcome before you can begin it. Notice the thought and thank it for sharing. Diffuse it so that you can accomplish that which you desire and believe in yourself and your abilities. Our pre-programmed thoughts can be transformed, one thought at a time. And remember, “If you think you can, you can!”