Each and every day we have a choice, actually, many choices. We choose our mindset, our outlook and how we are going to face our day within the first few minutes of waking up. People have different practices for what they do before they get out of bed and after they get out of bed.

  • Are you the kind of person that lingers for a bit…?
  • Do you stop to think about you’re grateful for…?
  • Do you choose to meditate…?
  • Do you drink some water…?
  • Do you journal…?
  • Do you go over what you need to accomplish during the day…?
  • Do you pray…?
  • Do you jump out of bed and hit the floor running…?
  • DO you hit the snooze button, over and over…and over…?

Our mindset from the very moment we wake up has a huge impact on our day, it sets the tone. So, what do you do, what do you consciously choose as you begin each day…?