So what have I learned about taking care of ourselves in the digital age? Here are a few of the things I’ve learned so far:

  • It’s important to set boundaries for ourselves around technologies — times to be off email and other work-related contacts — time to eat and enjoy food and the people we’re eating with, especially toward the end of a day.
  • We need to keep our body moving, taking frequent breaks from sitting still working on our computer or on a device.
  • We need experiences that are doing and being and interacting with the world (and the people) around us, especially being outside. This means putting the technology done at these times.
  • We need to disconnect–even from fun things before bedtime. We really don’t sleep as restfully when we don’t, and the research on the impact of backlit screens on sleep confirms this. Turn off notifications on your phone and/ or put it on silent, too.
  • Leave some “open” mind time for reflecting. Sometimes we just need to let our brain be still or wander, because our minds just overworked and busy. Sometimes we need to drive in silence, not listening to a recorded book, a motivational podcast, or even music. Research suggests the need to allow for some mind-wandering, since it seems to enhance creativity.
  • I’d say the important thing is to have a healthy balance when using our devices for work and for pleasure as well as the need for time away  and time out from