•✿• “The greatest life one can have is of service. Give joy, happiness, bliss, laughter, wisdom, prosperity, love and light to others. By doing so, you tap into the Infinite Source within ensuring that you will never have to do without these “treasures” yourself!” ~Lateef Warnick~ •✿•

This theme has been coming up for me over the past week or so. I was asked by a new friend/colleague, “How may I serve you?”  I sat there and honestly didn’t know what to say at first. I know that for me, it is much easier to ask someone, “What I can do for you?” or “How may I serve you?” The answer to this question can vary greatly. In this particular case, my answer in fact was, “You have already served me.” It was actually quite simple and I was never asked, ‘how’? The morning exchange and chat had uplifted my spirits and allowed me to smile, from within. That may not be huge to most people reading this, and yet, on some days in our lives, this is big.


So I thought I would come up with a small list of ways that we might “serve others.” Feel free to add any of your own in the comment box, or ways that someone has served you.

  • making a meal
  • calling to check in on a friend or family member
  • supporting someone through a challenging time
  • inspiring someone who doesn’t believe in themselves
  • sharing knowledge
  • volunteering
  • helping someone learn something new
  • picking up something on the way home
  • helping with household chores
  • go for a walk with someone
  • be a good listener

There are many, many more for sure. Look forward to some feedback.