This is the Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and I read something today that inspired me to write this.


We were all born with an abundance of gifts, talents and abilities. For many reasons, we forget to freely and openly share the gifts of Spirit with family, friends and people in your community. Our lives seem to have accelerated and are to busy for our own good. We miss out on the simple things in life, that REALLY count.

Just as we cultivate our spiritual relationship and practice, we can also cultivate, nurture and deepen our connections with others. This, is a part of our spiritual path and  and life journey.

In the many networks of people we know and connect or work with, we have abundant opportunities to give of ourselves spiritually….to show love, compassion and understanding. There are many children and adults people who might need or appreciate our patience, gentleness, acceptance, encouragement, support, generosity and more. These gifts have been given to us freely, and we are blessed as we share them with others.

Starting today, who will you reach out to with your gifts? How might you do this? What actions might you take?

When and how will you offer love, compassion, tenderness… Whose lives will you touch in a simple or profound way? The love we share, is always returned in some way or another. There is an abundance of love in this world of ours. Blessings abound everywhere.

Together we can help mend hearts and broken spirits; inspire and and encourage those with less confidence and empower each other to our greatness and magnificence, one person, one child at a time at a time.