What are you holding on to that’s holding you back? Sometimes it’s a feeling or memory. It can also be an outdated belief about yourself or an unreasonable expectation. And it can even be a person. All you have to do today is name it. A small step perhaps – but so important, that one day you may remember it as the day your life began to change!

Often it seems that this can be a daunting or challenging thing to do, yet I have learned that it is as simple as just paying attention to what/who we are focusing on HOW we feel about it or them. If what we are focusing on feels expansive and uplifting => it is supportive to us. If what we are focusing on seems to feel heavy and draining, it is not supportive or enhancing to us. It is in these situations we can make the choice to just  ‘let go’. After all… we ARE worth it!!! Each moment of our lives is precious…make these moments the best they can be!!