The Game of Life


¸.•*★  Are you ready for an amazing journey of discovery… Discovering who you are and why you’re here?..?


¸.•*★  If you’re looking to make quantum leaps in empowering yourself, busting loose from the victim game once and for all, and radically shifting your life, then this just may be the book for you! “Loving the Game of Life” is one for all ages, as well as one for all sages.


¸.•*★  Beverly Nadler has written a clear, well-written, thought provoking and easy to comprehend book that unlocks the key to “the game of life.”  Her writings are the practical interpretations of so many philosophers, teachers, poets, scholars of the Ages that have a powerful message.


¸.•*★  A few remarkable benefits of reading “Loving the Game of Life

  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Eliminate fear, worry and doubt
  • Improve your relationships
  • Live your life with a sense of TRUE JOY!





Beverly has the gift of correlating and integrating the metaphysical, physical and spiritual so they are understandable, coherent and applicable.