¸.•*✿ UNITY ¸.•*✿

✿ It is a way of seeing the universe as one.
✿ It brrings harmony.
✿ It is built from a shared vision for the common good.

Unity, Inspiring Greatness, Virtues, Character Traits

 ¸.•*✿ We practice UNITY when we… ¸.•*✿
✿ Refuse to join in when others express prejudice.
✿ Solve conflicts through listening.
✿ Treat all people as members of a global family..

Unity, Inspiring Greatness, Virtues, Character Trait

✿ I am part of the Universe. I appreciate differences. I am a peacemaker.  I care for the earth and all living things


Hug for the World

In light of the events in Japan in the last 24 hours there has been a flood of emotions we have been faced with globally. I saw this and knew I wanted to post it.

With much love and blessings….for everyone.