Inspiring greatness in others is such an important thing to do… for some of us, it’s a part of our life’s purpose, for some of us, it’s something we have yet to discover within ourselves. For many of us… we have discovered our gifts and talents and learned to believe in ourselves because someone else ‘inspired’ us to discover and explore our own greatness. This is a place where we can be inspired by something we read or see and gan new insight, new perspectives, a new way of looking at things. This in turn leads to new possibilities for us and new, inspired actions along our journey.

How to Inspire Greatness With 3 Simple Questions


Whenever you want to do something new, there are 3 key things that you could ask yourself:

  • How committed and motivated am I?
  • How ready and willing am I?
  • Do I have the resources I need?

If you find yourself stuck or disconnected in your life, business or career over and over again or you’re not getting the results you want, it can be very helpful to ask yourself the questions above.  What can be even more powerful is asking these questions with a trusted friend, family member, coach or mentor who can suggest or offer a new perspective.


Success in life is there for the taking but you have to make a decision to want it and then fully commit to it. This is one of the biggest differences between people who experience success and those who don’t.  Deciding and then committing is vital and definitely worth it.  Remember that you do have it in you…so what’s holding you back? It’s time for change and exciting new possibilities.

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